Learn to Read >>> Read to Learn

Purposeful, Playful, Practice SuperDeck Bundles

“When I grow-up I want to be a doctor!”

Learning to read is imperative once a child hits 3rd grade because they will need their reading skills in order to be able to “read to learn” in the years following. This dicotomy is so essential to a child’s educational success.

Introducing the Strong Learning SuperDeck Mixed Bundles for beginning readers in grades 1-5.  These card games help build the skills that beginner readers need to ensure that their reading skills develop into a strong foundation enabling them to become successful readers and learners.

Yes, children can play and learn at the same time. In fact, they won’t even know they are learning. They can play over 15 different games such as Go Fish, Rummy, Crazy-8s, Bingo and more with each deck.


These decks are offered at the lowest price of the year because Mom’s deserve the best!¬†

During Mom’s month of May, these new bundles are only $28 each.

You’re saving almost 50% OFF the original price, but hurry because this special expires on 5/31/2021.

Beginning Phonics SuperDeck

Grades 1 – 2+

Intermediate Phonics SuperDeck

Grades 2 – 4+

Advanced Phonics SuperDeck

Grades 3 – 5+

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