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Strong Learning® Reading And Writing Resources
Strengthen any Structured Literacy approach for K-2+ including middle school, high school, and even adult struggling readers.

Strong Learning’s Reading and Writing Resources integrates two scientifically endorsed methodologies: Game-Based Learning and the Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach. This combination has proven successful with struggling readers.

The program incorporates a Student Assessment, engaging lessons & activities and fun phonics card games to teach essential reading skills to students of all ages. Watch as students easily master sounds, build fluency, and conquer reading with confidence!

While designed for Kindergarten through Grade 2 students, its effectiveness extends to middle and high school learners and adults. Its success is based on the proven philosophy that the most effective learning occurs when it’s an enjoyable experience.

Phonics Assessment : Follows the Orton-Gillingham approach. In a matter of minutes you’ll know exactly what level the student is at and which phonics needs to be practiced.


The Tale of Tiger Tuesday : Gold Mom’s Choice Award-Winning Reader. The storybook introduces the characters and provides their backstory for all the stories and plays in the Reading Intervention Program. 

Reading and Writing Practice Workbooks : All Workbooks, from A to E, follow the science of reading because each workbook, includes phonemic awareness, phonics (both decoding and encoding), comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary development through stories, plays, crossword puzzles, word searches, word scrambles, sentence scrambles, and other fun activities. 

Teacher Training : Customized online and in-person training workshops are available. 

SuperDeck™ Card Games : Essential to the program, SuperDeck™ card games are designed to facilitate the mastery of individual phonemes and phonemic patterns. They are available individually or in assortments.

The games provide unlimited, purposeful, playful practice for students struggling to read whether as a result of Dyslexia, ADHA, or other learning struggle. They help to reduce anxiety while increasing focus. Most students learn within a few short games of Go Fish, Memory, or Bingo.

Each SuperDeck can be used to play up to 15 different games. All game directions are available for free on our website (see Free Downloadables above).

Integrate SuperDeck card games with any structured literacy program!

Select specific components or choose the entire program to target your student’s unique needs to build a customized solution!

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      In an age where it is estimated that women own over 12 million businesses in the United States, it’s easy to forget that there was a time not so long ago when the only socially acceptable option for the use of a woman’s talents was in the care of her children and household.

      This is a story of courage, resilience, and love.
      It has been updated to be more suitable for readers in middle school and older.

      Heather Ballantine, Literacy Coach, The Compass School, RI

      “Strong Learning Game-Based Learning Resources has been a game-changer for The Compass school. The students love playing the games, and they’re actually practicing their reading skills without even realizing it. The resources integrate with any curriculum aligned with the Science of Reading and we highly recommend them to any school that is looking to improve their students’ decoding skills.”

      Danielle Milanovic – Teacher/Site Director After School Tutoring Program

      “I have the privilege of operating an after school program for students ranging from K – 5 grade and the Super Decks have been an absolute game-changer for everyone. The tutors at my site, many of whom are retired teachers, have expressed that they wish they had these games when they were in the classroom. My students really enjoy playing and I continue to be amazed by how quickly they are memorizing sight words as well as how well they are retaining the skills necessary for reading. I have had several of my struggling readers make great improvements since we started incorporating this into our daily rotation. . . .I could not be more impressed with how well this program works!”

      Marcelle Fumusa, Reading Specialist, Briarcliff Manor, NY

      “As a remedial reading teacher for K-5 I’m always looking for a program that will help my students improve in reading. I finally found the program, the Strong Learning Reading Intervention Program. My students absolutely love Tiger, his family, his pet dog and frog, and every lesson. That’s because the program is based on playing games and being in plays. It’s no surprise that their reading is improving! This program combines the highest educational standards with fun. When students are having fun, they stay engaged. Without realizing it, they’re practicing and practicing through play.”

      Melissa Zaug, Speech Pathologist

      “My 7-year-old daughter, Lila, is a struggling reader. She was just introduced to the … reading program. Lila was actively engaged in fun reading activities for an hour and forty-five minutes. I know that [your] program will help my daughter develop a love for learning and reading.” 

      DB, Westchester County Public School District

      “Just ordered your cards. I love them!!! So do my students!!! . . . Sandy’s decoding is definitely improving. She is skipping and guessing less and really thinking about how to break up the words, which is great! I think all of my students would benefit from your cards. They are all really enjoying them! I’m definitely a big fan!!”

      L. Plitnick, Special Education Teacher, NYC

      “As a special education teacher I was extremely frustrated when my son, who has dyslexia and ADHD, still could not read when he finished 2nd grade. He had been through every reading program the school gave him, from Fundations, a program by the Wilson Reading Program to Great Leaps and others. When I tried to sit with him at home to teach him, I could not keep his attention and each session ended in tears. When I he started the Tiger Tuesday Reading Program with Dr. Linda Silbert, the summer before third grade, he started to read. He LOVED the games in the program. He played them every day with either me, his dad or his older brother. His favorite game was Go Fish and next Crazy 8’s. Because he played them over and over again, he started to read.”

      Greg Chahalis, Reading Specialist in Westchester County, NY

      “Finally, an engaging reading program that’s so much fun that kids are motivated to read.”

      Gregory Tucker, NYC Schools

      “This book (Why Bad Grades Happen to Good Kids) helps us teacher to revisit the challenges the students of the 21st century face. The author makes it so practical. It leaves an urgency to revamp our methodology of teaching.”

      Reading tutor, Meredith Lippman

      “What I love most about what I’ve seen so far is how excited my student is about the games. Your philosophy about students having fun while learning is a breath of fresh air.”

      Sharon Healey, Head of School, Farmington Valley Academy Montessori, CT

      “At all levels, the teachers felt the material was easy to use and understand as well as covering the wide range of language skills that students from toddler through 5th grade need to develop and master. I am so happy that I decided to attend your workshop as I feel all of our students and our teachers benefited tremendously from your program and workshop. Please feel free to give our name to anyone who like to discuss your program further.”

      Jennifer Land, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

      “Overall, I’m pleased with this program. I appreciate that each module follows the same familiar flow of story and activities, ending with the play. There are so many hands-on ways to study and practice the material, so students can’t help but feel motivated when it is time to work on their reading. The methodology is sound, and the resulting program is fun, simple to use, and engaging to help kids learn to read.”

      Kristen Sullivan

      “I cannot say enough about Dr. Linda Silbert. I feel sometimes it’s not just about the academic component, but the connection she had with my son. My son really connected with her, the anxiety he was feeling in the classroom lifted a little. She spent a lot of time with him, and she really gave…”

      Jennifer Adel

      “Dr Linda Silbert’s Tiger Tuesday Reading Program really helped my son. It made learning fun for him!”

      Wendy G

      “My daughter was tested and tutored by Dr Linda Silbert and Dr. Alvin Silbert from third grade through college. In addition, the Silbert’s have tested and tutored several of my grandchildren. As a teacher and reading specialist, I could not ask for two more outstanding professionals and educators to work with my family. “

      Supporting Students in Chappaqua, Pleasantville, Hawthorne, Thornwood, Valhalla, White Plains, Mount Kisco, Pound Ridge, Katonah, Somers, South Salem, North Salem, Yorktown Heights, Mahopac, Cortland Manor, Westchester County, Putnam County, Ridgefield, Fairfield County.