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Student Success Without Stress

Childhood Development and Education Q&A For Parents and Teachers

Dr. Linda Silbert has dedicated over 45 years to the enhancement of children’s cognitive, emotional and social development.

Having served as classroom teachers, administrators, and private tutors, Linda Silbert, Ph.D. along with her husband Al Silbert, Ed.D.  have written over 50 books, including the award winning, Why Bad Grades Happen to Good Kids, and developed learning games and activities that provide students with repetition and review of academic subjects in an environment that is fun and engaging. They have lectured and lead numerous workshops and webinars about how to help children succeed in school and beyond.

Here Dr. Linda shares some of the questions posed by teachers, parents, and even grandparents.  Feel free to send her a question, she may post it here.  Note that generally we do not publish full names.


Dear Dr. Linda, I’m a retired teacher and grandmother of six. I read your column every week and d…

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Dear Dr. Linda, I was listening to a podcast about the importance of developing creativity in chi…

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