The Best Way to Learn is Through Play!

Purposeful, Playful, Practice

You want your students to stay ahead of the curve, we want to help.

Strong Learning has created SuperDeckTM card games for reading, math, and other subjects that help keep students engaged in play while learning! Yes, they can play and learn at the same time. In fact, they won’t even know they are learning.

SuperDecksTM are individual decks of cards that bring joy into learning because each deck can be used to play up to 15 classic games, such as Go Fish, Memory, War, Bingo, and Gin Rummy, providing unlimited practice in a fun and engaging way.

Ideal for dyslexia specialists, reading teachers, teachers of English as a second language, tutors, and parents. 
SuperDecksTM may be purchased individually, as many private tutors and parents do, or in money-saving assortments, as many schools and afterschool programs do.

Here’s what one mom had to say about our SuperDeckTM Card Games:

“My son is 7 and has been struggling to learn to read. I took your CVC SuperDeck and played Go Fish, Bingo, and Crazy 8s with him for the first time today. Initially, he was dubious and he struggled to read the words, but halfway through the first round of Go Fish, he was reading all the words without thinking about it. By the end of the first game, his eyes were sparkling, he was crowing about winning, and he begged to play again. We played and played until I had to leave to take care of the baby. Later that day, he remarked to someone casually, “Yeah, well, I can read.” I had NEVER heard him say that. He’s never believed it before. Today was the first day in two years that he didn’t fight me about working on reading – because it’s games and he’s planning on winning. Thank you SO much,” ~ Sarah Smith, Homeschool Mom, NH.

Games Play an Important Role in Child Development and Learning

Here’s the Proof!

We measured the before and after reading levels of students who were sent to us for tutoring.

Our tutors worked with each of these students using Strong Learning SuperDecksTM, some for as little as three hours.

Results of our study show that on average, students improved more than a grade level at an average of only 15 hours of instruction. >>>>

More About SuperDeckTM Card Games

Where, When and Why do you use SuperDecksTM?
SuperDecksTM are used in classrooms during morning work or after a lesson is taught to provide practice. They’re used in reading classes for practice learning phonics and to improve fluency, in resource rooms, afterschool programs and at home to provide unlimited purposeful, playful, practice in whatever subject or area the student needs to learn.

How do you use SuperDecksTM?
The teacher, tutor or parent can easily determine which SuperDeckTM is appropriate for each student by following the downloadable Phonics Assessment if teaching reading to the child or which SuperDeck is appropriate according to the subject. The students choose which games to play.

Besides being fun and affordable,
research has shown that playing card games and board games
are highly beneficial to child development.