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Strong Learning Reading Program

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The Strong Learning Reading Program is a scientifically proven approach to teaching reading skills that must be explicitly taught and practiced. While it has been primarily used with kindergarten to Grade 4 students, it has also been successful with middle and high school students and adults. The program is based on the multisensory Orton-Gillingham approach and emphasizes the importance of making learning fun in order for students to learn more quickly and retain more information.

Over the past 40 years, the program has been refined and improved through research, and it has been found that students who use the program experience reduced anxiety and increased focus. The program incorporates an element of play, with SuperDeck card decks that help students learn individual phonemes and phonemic patterns.

Perfect for for dyslexia specialists, reading teachers, teachers of English as a second language, tutors and parents.

Each SuperDeck includes up to 15 classic games, such as Go Fish, Memory, War, Bingo, and Gin Rummy, providing unlimited practice in a fun and engaging way. The teacher can easily determine which SuperDeck is appropriate for each student by following the included Phonics Assessment, and the students can choose which games to play.

In addition to the SuperDeck card decks, the program includes Reading & Writing Practice Packs to apply each phoneme. These packs contain an age-appropriate story with relatable characters, such as Tiger Tuesday, his family, and his pets. The story is used to teach life’s little lessons and provide practice in reading and writing. The packs also include a companion play in script form to help students improve fluency and gain confidence. Additionally, students can enjoy crossword puzzles, word finds, and other writing and spelling activities based on the phoneme or word pattern being learned.

Overall, the Strong Learning Reading Program is an effective and engaging way to teach reading skills to students of all ages. Its emphasis on making learning fun through game-based instruction and relatable stories and characters has helped thousands of struggling readers find success without stress.

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