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Strong Learning Game-Based Reading Resources

“Reading Success Without Stress, Guaranteed!”

The Strong Learning Game-Based Reading Resources is a science-based approach to teaching essential reading skills. It’s based on the Orton-Gillingham approach of structured, multisensory learning while the game based resources ensure students are learning through fun and active engagement. Students taught using these resources experience reduced anxiety and increased focus, and they often see rapid gains in their reading skills.

The resource uses a variety of engaging activities, following the five pillars of reading, including SuperDeck cards, to help students learn and practice phonemes, phonemic patterns, and other foundational reading skills. The activities keep the students engaged which keeps them practicing, practicing, practicing!

We call it purposeful, playful practice!

If you’re looking for a supplemental program that works, the Strong Learning Game-Based Reading Resources is a great option for students of all ages.

Here’s what The Compass School in Rhode Island had to say about the program:
Strong Learning Game-Based Learning Resources has been a game-changer for The Compass school. The students love playing the games, and they’re actually practicing their reading skills without even realizing it. The resources integrate with any curriculum aligned with the Science of Reading and we highly recommend them to any school that is looking to improve their students’ decoding skills.
~ Heather Ballantine, Literacy Coach

Perfect for for dyslexia specialists, reading teachers, teachers of English as a second language, tutors and parents.

Beginning Reading Intervention Program
Advanced Reading Intervention Program

Program materials include SuperDeck cards as well as Reading & Writing Practice Packs which serve to help students apply each phoneme.

SuperDeck cards can be used to play up to 15 different games including Go Fish, Memory, Crazy 8’s and more! Full directions are available in downloadable or video form.

Practice Packs contain an age-appropriate story with relatable characters, such as Tiger Tuesday, his family, and his pets. The story is used to teach life’s little lessons and provide practice to improve decoding, vocabulary and reading comprehension. The packs also include a companion play in script form to help students improve fluency and gain confidence. Additionally, students can enjoy crossword puzzles, word finds, and other writing and spelling activities based on the phoneme or word pattern to improve encoding, writing and spelling.

Easy to Use, Easy to Implement

This is one of the easiest programs to use and implement and comes with absolutely everything you need including:

Online Training

Administrators, teachers, and teacher aides move through the program to gain an understanding of the objectives behind the program and learn how to use the SuperDeck cards, Practice Packs, Assessment, and Teacher’s Guide.


Our student assesement will help you understand exactly where the student is on their reading journey and which phonemes you need to teach to move them along toward success. We’ve even included links to video’s that properly sound out the phoneme!

Teacher’s Guide

This detailed Teacher’s guide comes complete with “say and do” prompts as well as all the activity answers. No second guessing! Lessons are ready to teach simply by opening the guide!

Leader’s Guide

Perfect for teacher’s assistants, reading volunteers, and parents. Step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process of helping a struggling reader to achieve success.

Overall, the Strong Learning Game-Based Reading Resources is an effective and engaging way to teach reading skills to students of all ages. Its emphasis on making learning fun through game-based instruction and relatable stories and characters has helped thousands of struggling readers find success without stress.

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