Wendy G

My daughter was tested and tutored by Dr Linda Silbert and Dr. Alvin Silbert from third grade through college. In addition, the Silbert’s have tested and tutored several of my grandchildren. As a teacher and reading specialist, I could not ask for two more outstanding professionals and educators to work with my family. They give 500% of themselves and always go above and beyond the “call of duty” for the children and for the parents. They find out the child’s best learning modality and use that method to teach the child. At the same time, they work on motivating the child to be the best he/she can be. They know how important it is for children to feel good about themselves and to have a positive self-image. Linda and Alvin Silbert are truly extraordinary educators-creative, caring, honest, sincere, compassionate , warm, and innovative. I recommend them unconditionally! You could not ask for finer people to assist and help your child!! You are putting them in the best hands possible!!!!