Tiger Tuesday

The Tiger Tuesday Organic Reading Program

 A complete reading program with individual modules that can be used separately to focus on specific areas of need.  The Organic Reading Program follows the nature of the child and helps beginning and young struggling readers succeed while integrating social & emotional learning – SEL. Most appropriate for students in grades K-3.

What makes the Tiger Tuesday reading program different from the rest?


Tiger Tuesday and the Tuesday family—his parents, his pet dog Thurman and pet frog Marshmallow, his brothers and sisters—appear in all of the “anchor” stories of the program. Although the primary focus of each unit is learning and practicing a specific phonemic pattern, children quickly identify with the family members and enjoy the funny, wacky, and educational adventures of Tiger and his brothers and sisters. The story The Tale of Tiger Tuesday sets the stage for learning through its theme—that if we persist, our dreams can come true.


Because research (and common sense) tells us that we learn faster when we’re having fun, games are at the hub of the Tiger Tuesday Reading Program. Using decks of cards designed for use in playing familiar card games like Memory, Bingo, Go Fish, or War and lotto-style “Fill the House” games, children are repeatedly exposed to and practice with foundational phonics-decoding skills, and they naturally stay focused, because they like to win! For instance, to ask for a “match” while playing Go Fish, players must correctly decode the word on their cards. A close second in fun is putting on plays, the scripts for which reprise the stories used to introduce phonetic patterns, providing applied decoding practice and improved fluency.


There are reading programs that focus only on phonics or only on one of the other pillars of reading. There are companies who produce workbooks or games, but only STRONG Learning integrates all of the Five Pillars of Reading into one program—connecting stories, worksheets, games, and plays in units. Most reading programs focus only on phonemes without attention to comprehension or fluency. Every Tiger Tuesday program activity supports the development of one or more of the five pillars of reading. Together, they support the development of all five at once. Additionally, opportunities for self-discovery, creative thinking, and learning other English language arts principles are also provided.


Customizable for Individual Students

Pre-designed lesson plans with a prescribed order of events are provided in Teacher’s Guides, but the program is designed to fit the needs of individual students. Where do you begin? At the level the student has attained. In a limited time frame, which activities should you focus on? That depends on what most engages the child. Whether a child is beginning or has struggled in learning to read, practice is key, but HOW they practice doesn’t matter. Just that they do. 


Easily Adapted for Different Instructional Environments

Every element of the program can be adapted for use with one child at home or working with a tutor or reading specialist, with small groups, as a general classroom curriculum, or as an accessory to other reading programs. Teacher’s Guides include suggestions for use and game directions provide alternative ways to play all games based on how many students are participating. From stories to worksheets to games to plays, it provides what every student needs most—purposeful playful practice of foundational skills.


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