SOFT AND HARD C&G – Practice Pack – T122


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Strong LearningTM  Practice Packs are designed to provide a variety of activities that go beyond word decoding, leading to improved comprehension and fluency. 

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SOFT AND HARD C&G Practice Pack – Story, Play, and Writing Activities – T122

This Practice Pack includes a story and a companion play script that include multiple words conforming to the same phonics patterns as the SOFT AND HARD C&G SuperDeckTM card game.

Every story/play combination involves the same group of characters that children soon identify with: Tiger Tuesday, his parents, his four siblings, and his pet dog Thurman and pet frog Marshmallow (who only Tiger understands). Each story is about situations children encounter at the age when they’re often learning the same phonics patterns in the classroom. 

The story focuses on decoding words with a specific pattern, vocabulary development, and comprehension. 

The play, based on the same story, helps to improve fluency, inflection, focus and memory—and facilitate the development of listening skills. 

Thinking, writing, and drawing activities strengthen decoding skills. “Do You Remember?” and “Do You Know?” give practice with reading comprehension. “About You” or “Tell the Story in Pictures” enhance reading comprehension, connecting words in a story to their own lives and “pictures” in their minds. Word searches and crossword puzzles present different decoding challenges. Children are exposed to correct spelling and sentence syntax in “Word Jumbles” and “Sentence Scrambles.” 

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