Beginning Phonics SuperDeck Card Game 36-Pack – Ages 4-8 A612T

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Reading success thru play!

The perfect classroom resource to help beginning and struggling students practice and master their reading skills. Includes 3 each of 12 decks.

Beginning Phonics decks keep kids engaged in play so they can learn the foundational skills necessary for life long reading.

Every deck can be used to play up to 15 popular card games including Go Fish, Bingo, Gin Rummy, Memory and War. These games are perfect for Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Title 1 programs, tutors, tutoring centers and summer school programs.


Beginning Phonics SuperDeck Card Game 36-Pack

Designed for the classroom environment.

Reading success thru play begins with these Beginning Phonics decks. You’ll see that when kids play these games, reading happens. Players don’t realize they’re reading the whole time. All they know is they’re having fun playing, and they want to win!

Each deck includes 48 playing cards plus rule, word list and directions cards.

This assortment includes three each of these 12 decks.

Rhyming For Pre-Readers
Alphabet for Pre-Readers
Beginning Consonant Sounds
Consonant Blends & Digraph Sounds
Short Vowel 3 Letter CVC Words
Short Vowel 4 & 5 Letter Words
Long Vowel VCE Words
CVC & VCE Suffixes S, ES, ED & ING
Long Vowel Digraph Words
Double-Sound Consonant Blend Endings MP, SK, ST, ND & LF
R-Controlled Vowel Words
Diphthong Pattern Words

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Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, First, Second, Third, Phonics, Vocabulary, Reading

Ages 4-8


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