Advanced Phonemes 12 Downloadable Practice Packs – A634D


This bundle consists of twelve 10-Lesson Practice Packs.

The 12 Activity Packs are delivered as an instant download.

These resources provide unlimited practice opportunities to complement and enrich any reading program.


Advanced Phonemes Practice Pack Assortment – A634D

These instant-download No-Prep, Ready-to-Go Practice Packs following the Orton-Gillingham approach and are the perfect resource for struggling or beginning readers.

This bundle includes all 12 Advanced 10-Lesson Practice Packs for a total of 120 downloadable lessons to help with writing and spelling using that phoneme

Each of the twelve 10–Lesson Practice Packs includes:

  • an age-appropriate story
  • the same story as a play script
  • a crossword puzzle
  • a word find
  • six activity pages for writing and spelling

All leading to improved decoding, fluency, and comprehension.

Every story/play combination involves the same characters that children easily identify with: Tiger Tuesday, his parents, his four siblings, and his pets, dog Thurman and frog Marshmallow (who only Tiger understands).  Each story is about situations and life’s little lessons children often encounter at the age when they’re likely learning the same phonics patterns in the classroom.

The 12 Ten-Lesson  Practice Packs are delivered as an instant download. Note: This product is the same as the downloadable portion of SKU A630. It does not include the Phonics and Fluency SuperDecks.

These resources provide unlimited practice opportunities to complement and enrich any reading program.

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