Creative Thinking Workbook – Wonderful World of Gift Giving


These fun-filled pages are chock full of activities that emphasize that a gift, whether tangible or intangible, homemade or store bought, is equally important to both giver and receiver.  Develops creative thinking, problem solving skills and writing while enhancing self-esteem and character. (Grades 3-6)


Help kids discover the fun of gift giving.

The Wonderful World of Gift Giving, by Linda Silbert, PhD and Al Silbert, EdD, helps kids explore giving and receiving gifts. This thought-provoking workbook, 1 of 7 in the Creative Thinking series, emphasizes that a gift, whether tangible or intangible, homemade or store bought, is equally important to both the giver and the receiver.

Chock full of activities for drawing, writing, and making gifts, kids love this book filled with fun activities that let them think about giving and receiving gifts. No judgment. No wrong answers. High quality paper allows for easy erasing.

Imagine the fun your kids will have:

  • creating a “Morse Code” gift card for someone special.
  • writing about and drawing “The Best Gift” they’ve ever received.
  • making a maze gift card for someone special.
  • writing a short advice-column for a newspaper.
  • making a homemade gift for someone special.
  • describing a souvenir of their town.
  • Some of the many comments:

    “I’ve found the Creative Thinking Workbooks to be exactly what children and adults need, not only in the United States, but all over the world.” –C. Peterson, Past President Jaycees International

    “It is always a pleasure to review and recommend high caliber material to the 22,000 subscribers of DADS ONLY. Your Creative Thinking Workbooks certainly qualify in that category.” —“Dads Only”

    “I was thrilled with them, they are terrific…[these workbooks] bring so much joy to young children.“ –Mrs. E. Powell, Parent

    From TEACHER’S CHOICE AWARDS in response to, “Would you recommend this product to other teachers?

    Yes, I would recommend these books. Anytime children are enthusiastic over writing and thinking is a good thing!

    Yes, I would recommend this product. Good ideas.

    Yes. I really enjoyed the great use of the workbook space.

    Yes. This is a great writing tool. I would recommend this book. It is a fantastic outlet for creativity!


    Pick up “The Wonderful World of Gift Giving” for your kids today.


    Parents can use this Creative Thinking Workbook at home and teachers with all the kids in your class. The Wonderful World of Gift Giving can also be used with kids with learning disabilities such as dyslexia (reading disorder), dysgraphia (writing disorder), ADHD, and Autism.

    Ages: 8-11

    Reading Level: 2.0 to 4.0

    Publisher: Silbert & Bress Publications, a Division of Strong Learning, Inc.


    Dimensions: 8 1/2″ x 11″ 32 pp plus soft cover

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