Place Value SuperDeck Card Game


Players learn about place values for whole numbers all while playing over 10 games including Go Fish, War, Memory and Bingo. (Grades 4-6+)


Players learn about place values for whole numbers, all while while playing popular card games.

For this deck, matches are cards that show the same numerical value. One card shows a number as written; the matching card shows the same number using the place value of each digit.

A Great Value! As with every Strong Learning card game, play any or all of these matching games with the same deck: Go Fish, Memory, War, and Old Maid. Everything is included. Ages 9-11+

Click to view Easy Directions.

Contents: 53 standard size cards, 3.5 x 2.25 in. (includes 48 playing cards, directions card, answer cards and Old Maid card).

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