Homophones SuperDeck Card Game Bundle A621

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3 Pack – Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced

The English language can sometimes be tricky, especially when we have words like homophones trying to trip us up.

Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings.  We have a fun way for children, and even adults, to practice playing with homophones using our famous SuperDeck card games.  Play Go Fish, Gin Rummy or up to 14 different games for 15 minutes each day and you’ll see how quickly these words are committed to long-term memory!

Try it, you won’t be disappointed!


Homophones SuperDeck Card Game Bundle A621

Do your children know when to use “their” versus “there” or “they’re”?  How about dear and deer or so, sew or sow?  Frankly even adults sometimes get these words confused, especially new English language learners.

We have a solution based on the proven method of Strong Learning’s SuperDeck card games. Simply select the homophone deck of your choice, beginning, intermediate or advanced, and start playing a game of Go Fish, Gin Rummy, Memory or War.  In fact you can play up to 14 different games with each SuperDeck.  In 14 minutes a day players will have committed these words to long-term memory.

How does it work?  Most people need practice, practice, practice in order for the neural shift that commits new information to long term memory storage to take place.  However, most students don’t like the tedium of all that practice, or may not know how to practice, so we developed SuperDeck cards.  SuperDecks play the same games as a player would with a regular deck of cards, but instead of numbers and symbols, SuperDeck cards use information, the exact information you want your student to learn, now including homophones!

Want to see all the games you can play with a SuperDeck?  Go to the “Game Directions” link on the upper menu bar of our website and download the PDF file with all the directions and game boards for 15 different games. (These decks cannot play Crazy-8’s)

Help your student make the transition today by ordering your 3 Pack of homophones.  Included is a beginning, intermediate and advanced deck.  Perfect for students in grades 2-5, new English language learners or anyone who has trouble with homophones.

What’s more is when you order this bundled set, its almost like getting one homophone SuperDeck for FREE!  



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