General Knowledge SuperDeck Card Game 12-Pack A615S

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Players are learning science, history, and many other interesting Fun Facts as they play over 10 games with this SuperDeck including: Go Fish, Memory, War, Bingo and Gin Rummy. Knowledge and retention are improved because kids select the topic(s) and the game(s) they want to play, keeping them engaged and motivated. (Grades 2-11+)


General Knowledge SuperDeck Card Game 12-Pack

Did you know that a dentist invented cotton candy? How many types of dogs do you recognize? Do you know the capitals of every state in the U.S.? Learn these facts and more with our General Knowledge Fun Facts card games. (Shhh…don’t tell anyone, but the games are great reading practice, too.)  Every deck can be used to play all of these popular matching card games: Go Fish, Memory, Old Maid, and War. The proof is in the playing.

These games  are perfect for family play at home, as well as in classrooms, after school programs, mentoring programs and summer programs. Each General Knowledge FUN FACTS Game Assortment comes with 12 titles of interest to players of all ages.

Each deck includes 48 playing cards plus rule, word list and directions cards. This assortment includes one each of these 12 decks.

Dogs We Love
Cats We Love
Musical Instruments of the Band & Orchestra
States and Capitals
Our Solar System and Beyond
Fun Idioms and What They Mean
Transportation: From Horse & Buggy to Spaceships
Communication: From Smoke Signals to Texting and Computers
Countries and Their Capitals
Inventors & Inventions: Then and Now
U.S. History: People, Places & Events
World Landmarks


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