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Do you work with struggling readers, students with dyslexia, students learning English as a second language, or anyone with reading disabilities?  This program is for you!

The Strong Learning® Reading Intervention strengthens any structured literacy program and makes learning fun! Our program uses games and engaging activities to teach essential reading skills to students of all ages. Watch as students easily master sounds, build fluency, and conquer reading with confidence!


 The Strong Learning® Reading Intervention Program integrates two scientifically endorsed methodologies: Game-Based Learning and the Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach. This combination has proven successful with struggling readers. While designed for Kindergarten through Grade 2 students, its effectiveness extends to middle and high school learners and adults. Its success is based on the proven philosophy that the most effective learning occurs when it’s an enjoyable experience. 

Central to the program are the SuperDeck™ card decks which are designed to facilitate the mastery of individual phonemes and phonemic patterns. Complementing this, fluency SuperDecks are employed to enhance the fluency of learners by integrating the learned phonemes into sentences. Once fluency is achieved, the transition into reading books becomes smoother and less stressful. 

Complementing the SuperDecks are FunBooks and Reading & Writing Practice Packs structured to apply the acquired phonemes in reading and writing activities. Each story features Tiger Tuesday, his parents, four siblings, and pets. Each story is also in script form, allowing students to enhance fluency and build confidence as they read the script rather than memorize lines. 

Features and Benefits 

  • Adheres to the Five Pillars of Reading 
  • Based on foundational skills 
  • Diverse Representation 
  • Multimodal Approach 
  • Follows Differentiated Instruction and Scaffolding 
  • Detailed Teachers Guide and Leaders Guide 
  • Parental Involvement 
  • Assessment and Progress Monitoring


Program Includes 

  • Phonics Assessment: Easy-to-use, quick assessment to monitor each student’s progress. 
  • The Tale of Tiger Tuesday Storybook: Award-winning storybook introduces the characters and provides their backstory for all the stories and plays. #501 
  • Beginning Phonics SuperDeck™ Asst—Series 1 (12-Pack) is for Pre-K -2 and for any student who needs to start at learning the alphabet and beginning sounds, phonemes and phonetic patterns. #A612s 
  • Beginning Phonics SuperDeck Asst—Series 2 (12-Pack) is for students who already know the alphabet, beginning consonant sounds, consonant blends, and consonant digraphs. It’s perfect for students who need more practice with beginning phonemes and phonetic patterns. #A637s 
  • Beginning Fluency SuperDeck Asst (8-Pack) is for students who know how to decode the phonemes and word patterns but need to become more fluent reading sentences. #A618s 
  • Beginning Phonics FunBooks (7 titles) includes seven Phonics Fun-Books, each covering the alphabet, consonant sounds, phonics, com-prehension, fluency, writing, spelling, and vocabulary through stories, plays, and reading and writing activities. #A625 
  • Advanced Phonics SuperDeck Asst (12-Pack) is for students who have moved beyond Beginning phonemes. It covers prefixes, suffixes, irregular spelling patterns, hard and soft c and g, open and closed vowels, and practice decoding two or more syllable words. A614s 
  • Advanced Fluency SuperDeck Asst (12-Pack) is fluency practice for students who know how to decode the phonemes and word patterns in the Advanced Phonics SuperDeck Asst. #A619s 
  • Advanced Phonics Practice Pack Asst (12-Pack downloadable) includes, one for each Advanced Phonics SuperDeck. Each pack covers phonics, comprehension, fluency, writing, spelling, and vocabulary through reading and writing activity sheets. #A634d 
  • Sight Word SuperDeck Asst (4-Pack) provides practice in reading grade-appropriate irregularly spelled words. #A160s 
  • Homophone SuperDeck Asst (3-Pack) for practice in reading grade-appropriate phonetically & irregularly spelled words. #A621 
  • Compound Word SuperDeck Asst (4-Pack) provides practice in reading CVC and VCE two-syllable compound words. #A636 
  • General Knowledge SuperDeck Asst (4-Pack) integrates knowledge and ideas into grade-appropriate reading. #A639 
  • Detailed Teacher’s Guide includes instructions on using the program, lesson plans, and answers for the students’ FunBooks. #225T 
  • Leader’s Guide includes instructions for trainers & administrators for training teachers, teacher aides, teacher assistants & volunteers. #226 


Customized training workshops are available.


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