The Strong Learning SEL Program for Grades K-5

The Strong Learning SEL Program for Grades K-5, is a comprehensive, research based,  easy to follow program for anyone engaged in a social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum. Employing the CASEL competencies along with our Strong Learning goals, every activity supports development of one or more of the five categories –  Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, Responsible Decision-Making. It’s the ideal multi-disciplined program for school counselors, social workers or teachers because it helps keep children focused and engaged through stories, plays, drawing, writing, coloring and games which they need to use healthy social and emotional behavior in order to succeed.

The Strong Learning SEL Program equips professionals in K-5 education with all the tools necessary to teach a Social and Emotional Learning curriculum. Elements of this program include:

  • Teacher’s Text Book
  • Tiger Tuesday and Me Funbooks
  • All About Me Workbook
  • Step-by-Step Lesson Plans
  • SEL Parent Packet
  • The Tale of Tiger Tuesday Storybook
  • SEL Words Card Deck
  • 90 Minute Training Session

The Strong Learning LEARN Method

A short overview/review of child development is provided, focusing on children ages five to ten, to help the teacher better understand how a child thinks and behaves at each level of development.  Activities are categorized by the five CASEL objectives: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision-Making in different settings—classrooms, communities, families, and schools.

A brief overview is provided to describe the crucial role teachers play, the importance of the teacher as a role model of healthy and appropriate social and emotional behaviors when working with a child or a group of children, and the effects (both positive and negative) on the development of realistic positive self-esteem and its relationship to academic success.

A variety of multisensory lessons are provided following CASEL categories at each grade level, including age-appropriate stories and discussion, plays, and games. A detailed teacher’s guide is available.

Material and activities are provided to foster purposeful, playful practice of socially and emotionally healthy behavior.

Teacher’s Text Book

Strong Learning LEARN Method for Social & Emotional Learning K-5 -the way children learn! An easy-to-follow method to teach social and emotional skills and knowledge to K-5 children. What you will learn can apply to individual students, small groups, as well as to classrooms, in school or online as a year-round stand-alone program or as a resource for fun, engaging, and educationally sound activities to supplement other SEL programs in use.

Tiger Tuesday & Me FunBooks

Each FunBook includes stories, plays, writing, drawing and coloring activities.

Take a peek inside each funbook.

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All About Me

Supporting the SEL program is the All About Me journal which helps children practice self-management, self-awareness and decision making skills. Each grade level has it’s own book to compliment the respective FunBook.

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Step-by-Step Lesson Plans

Easy to follow, detailed lesson plans for each grade level. Each lesson includes objectives, necessary materials, “Say and Do Activities,” suggestions for involving parents and bulletin board guidance.

Preview a Lesson Plan example.

Strong Learning Parent SEL Packet

Letters, notes and invitations the teacher sends to parents along with 40 parent tips per grade level for teachers to email weekly to parents during the school year.


The Tale of Tiger Tuesday

This storybook starts off the SEL program each school year at each grade level because it explains Tiger Tuesday, his family and his neighborhood in which the student becomes a part of.

Sneak peak inside the book.

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Strong Learning’s Social & Emotional Words

Card Deck for hands-on learning provides hours of purposeful, playful practice in real life. Up to 12 games can be played with this deck including Go Fish, Memory, Rummy and more!  

Note: Strong Learning SEL Program content is a research -based model aligned with CCSS ELA standard K-5,  American School Counselor Association, New York State Social Emotional Learning Benchmarks K-5,  Connecticut State Social Emotional Learning Standards K-5, Orton-Gillingham Reading Approach.

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The Strong Learning® SEL Program for K-5 is available three ways.

PRINTED VERSION All books and games printed and ready to use.

MONEY-SAVING DOWNLOAD VERSION All books and games downloadable. Economical annual license per school. Discounts available.

CUSTOMIZED VERSION All books and games available in any combination of printed and downloadable versions.

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Available Courses

90 Minutes: The Strong Learning Overview to SEL- Social & Emotional Learning for K-5. A quick overview of the LEARN Method, the categories to be addressed in a SEL program, and the use of the LEARN Method in delivering it. Included FREE with the Program purchase.

3-Hour: The Strong Learning Intro to SEL-Social & Emotional Learning for K-5. Participants will be introduced to the LEARN Method and what they need to know and do when teaching any SEL program. They’ll learn how to incorporate CASEL into individual lessons and into the classroom environment. Participants will participate in and take home a variety of sample no-prep lessons. One 3- hour session.

15-Hour (five 3-hour sessions – 3 professional development credits): The Strong Learning Teaching SEL – Social & Emotional Learning K-5. Participants will learn the skills and knowledge they’ll need to know and do to help children in K-5 become socially and emotionally healthy. Each session will be centered around one of the five objectives of the CASEL program and age-appropriate activities for students at each grade level.

About the creators

Linda Silbert, Ph.D. — “Dr. Linda,” as her readers know her in her weekly education column, has a B.S. in elementary education majoring in Behavioral Science, an M.S. in School Counseling, and a Ph.D. in Educational Counseling/Administration. She taught third grade until having her first child, after which she and husband Al started Strong Learning, Inc., offering tutoring and test prep services for students in K-12 and books and products developed to foster social and emotional learning, reading, math, and study skills.

Alvin J. Silbert, Ed.D.— “Doc,” as his students knew him, taught high school physics for 37 years, during which he obtained his Ed.D., with an emphasis in cognitive development and teaching. His dissertation focused on the work of Jean Piaget.

Together, Linda and Al created two series: Creative Thinking Workbooks and a Life Skills Program, which collectively sold over a million copies. In 2007, they collaborated to write the award-winning book for parents, Why Bad Grades Happen to Good Kids, available through their website. Subsequently, they created the LEARN Method, and introduced it in a companion book for teachers, Building Strong Students: A Guide for Parents and Teachers on How to Foster an Environment Where Children Thrive Emotionally, Socially, and Cognitively.

Linda and Al live in suburban New York.