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Over the years, we have found that many students only need a few hours of instruction to get them back on the path of academic success!

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For over 45 years,
Strong Learning’s expert tutors have helped thousands of students in grades K – 12+ improve their grades, raise test scores and gain academic confidence.
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Learning Disability

We develop individual programs to address ADHD, Dyslexia based on Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory approach, Language Processing Disorder, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia and Nonverbal Learning Disorder.

Tutoring K-12

Expert tutors with Masters degrees cater to your students specific needs in reading, phonics, comprehension, math, writing, study skills, spanish, algebra, geometry, earth science, living environment, chemistry, physics and more.

Test Prep

Effective strategies drive students to achieve higher scores on the SAT, ACT, PSAT, Regents, AP, ISEE, TACHS, and Finals!

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The Strong Learning Method

Drs. Linda and Al Silbert have developed a method of teaching that is simple, organic, and produces results that are revolutionary. Following the nature of the student, the Strong Learning Method results in greater engagement and ultimately drives the neural change in the student that causes learning to happen.

The Strong Learning Method is rooted in each individual student and starts by assessing the student so the tutor knows exactly where to begin in the process. Following this method, and using educational materials developed by Strong Learning along with other high quality materials, the student is guided along the path to academic success.

Using this method successfully for over 45 years, Strong Learning tutors have helped students in all subjects and all levels, regardless of age!

Parents have told us they appreciate our ongoing communication loop keeping them apprised of their child’s progress every step of the way.

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