The key to successful tutoring begins with student engagement!

~ Dr. Linda Silbert

If you are a tutor or own a tutoring company and want to achieve a higher level of success with your students, then you’ve come to the right place.

We know that sometimes tutoring can be a struggle. 

You may be working with a student who has lost interest, has low self-esteem or is just not achieving as well as their peers.  Naturally, you want to engage and help the student, but previous strategies aren’t succeeding. 

We understand because we’ve been there!

Over 40 years ago, Drs. Linda and Al Silbert successfully started their own tutoring company to help struggling students, those with learning disabilities and even those high achievers who desired to go further. They had purchased other brands of learning resources but eventually developed their own learning games and found their strategy helped students achieve a higher level of sucess in a shorter amount of time.

The team knew they were on to something and tested their method on students of various learning abilities, in different subjects and in different age groups. The results were nearly always the same.


After playing 3-4 15-minute SuperDeck games, within one hour, regardless of the game the students all showed improvement.
The games were shared with other tutors and teachers who also said they observed similar results.

The chart to the left shows that on average, students improved more than a grade level at an average of only 15 hours of instruction.

Click here to learn why games play an important role in child development and learning.

Now these resources are available to you along with Strong Learning’s LEARN Method. We’re very excited to share our success and would love to hear your feedback and experience with these tools!

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Here is a sample of the resources available to tutors.

Most resources are available individually or bundled for an even better discount!

What is The Strong Learning Method?

Drs. Linda and Al Silbert developed a method of teaching that is simple, organic and produces revolutionary results. Following the nature of the student, the Strong Learning Method results in greater engagement and ultimately drives the neural change in the student that causes learning to happen.

The Strong Learning Method is rooted in each individual student and starts by assessing the student, so the tutor knows exactly where to begin in the process. Following this method, and using educational materials developed by Strong Learning, including the SuperDeck games, the student is engaged in purposeful, playful practice and is set on the path to academic success.

The program works because it is very easy to use, student anxiety goes down, students stay focused and they practice which helps to cause the neural change so they learn.

Using this method successfully for over 45 years, Strong Learning tutors have helped students in all subjects and all levels, regardless of age!

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