“Learning to read requires skills that must explicitly be taught and then PRACTICED

But, what struggling reader wants to practice?

Those who are playing games using our

Phonics & Fluency SuperDecks which provide

Unlimited Purposeful Playful Practice!

SuperDecks are individual decks of cards, each focusing on one phoneme.

The teacher selects the appropriate deck for students to practice. Students decide which of up to 15 games to play with the deck, including Go Fish, Memory, War and Bingo.

Why does this resource work so well? Simple! Students are playing which is natural for children, so . .

Anxiety goes down, focus goes up and practice is unlimited!

NEW! Phoneme Combo-Packs

Based on the popular Phonics & Fluency SuperDeck card games, Phoneme Combo-Packs combine the benefit of game-play with 10 no-prep lessons to help your students learn to read more quickly and easily at even a greater savings!

They change the dynamics of teaching by combining no-prep lessons with purposeful playful game-play practice. So you teach the lessons and the students play games to practice what you’ve just taught them.

Phoneme Combo-Pack Includes – 2 SuperDecks, one Phonics and One Fluency and One Activity Pack of 10 No-prep lessons designed to provide a variety of other activities that go beyond word decoding, leading to improved comprehension, vocabulary and fluency. 

Lessons include an age appropriate story and companion script, a crossword puzzle, a word find and other writing and spelling fun lessons leading to improved decoding, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.

Every story/play involves the same group of characters that children soon identify with: Tiger Tuesday, his parents, his four siblings and his pet dog Thurman and pet frog Marshmallow (who only Tiger understands). Each story is about situations children typically encounter.

The SuperDecks focus on 20 phonemic patterns and fluency decks that provide practice with reading sentences with those words are available, from CVC words to 4- and 5-syllable “challenge” words, following the Orton-Gillingham approach.

Game-Based Learning Produces Results!

The chart to the left shows that on average, students improved more than a grade level at an average of only 15 hours of instruction.

Phoneme Combo Packs are available in 20 different phonemic patterns

Beginning Phoneme Combo-Packs

Advanced Phoneme Combo-Packs