Phonics in a Nutshell 626V


Program for Teachers and Parents who either want to learn to teach phonics or just brush up on their skills. 

Easy to learn method for teaching phonics in the way that children learn.  Includes training video, textbook that includes over 40 no-prep lessons so you can begin teaching phonics to your beginner or struggling reader in just a few hours.

Methodology follows the Strong Learning(R) LEARN Method and the Orton-Gillingham approach



SKU:  626V


Phonics in a Nutshell – Teaching Phonics the Way Children Learn follows the LEARN Method and the Orton-Gillingham approach.

A fast and easy way for teachers and parents to learn or brush-up on their phonics skills in order to teach new or struggling readers to read.


  • 15 page overview, for teachers and parents, explaining what phonics is and how to teach it from the alphabet to multi-syllabic words.
  • 45 no-prep seat-work and activities using matching, circling, coloring, word searches, word scrambles, fill-ins, and more for purposeful, playful practice.
  • Quick and easy Phonics Assessment to determine what the student knows and doesn’t know so that the teacher knows where to begin and where the gaps are.
  • One hour video accompanies the 15 page overview of what phonics is and how to teach it.
Praise for Phonics in a Nutshell

“This book and video are an excellent resource for both parents and teachers who are helping children learn to read. It offers creative and engaging ideas, worksheets and information that can be adapted to all levels.”  Alexandria Keating, teacher and mom

“WOW!! This is an amazing book and video!  Includes everything – kids will love this! It’s great for teachers and students.” Dawn Holt, special education teacher.


SKU: 626V

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