Phonics SuperDecks 5 Game Bundle A224D


Give your kids a choice of 15 different games to play with each SuperDeck of cards—when kids, including those with dyslexia, get to choose, they’re more likely to take ownership over their learning. You Get all 5 SuperDeck Card Games including: CVC, VCE, Vowel Digraphs, R-Controlled Vowels, Diphthongs. (Grades K-3)


Phonics SuperDecks 5 Game Bundle
Big Bundle of our popular SuperDeck Card Games in downloadable format!
Fun and engaging reading activities for teaching reading while promoting social and emotional learning (SEL). Organized based on the Orton-Gillingham approach, our games and activities provide kids learning to read hours of motivated practice with some or all of the five pillars of reading—phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency—while they also develop SEL skills like patience,waiting their turns, strategizing, and more. Give them a choice of what games to play—when we get to choose, we’re more likely to take ownership over our learning.

You Get all 5 SuperDeck Card Games including:

  • CVC
  • VCE
  • Vowel Digraphs
  • R-Controlled Vowels
  • Diphthongs

Games help players learn to decode words that conform to the associated pattern. Helps to improve focus, decoding, fluency & socialization for beginning and struggling readers including those with dyslexia, other language based disabilities and ADHD.

Easy to Use: Simply administer the assessment (included), then you select the deck (skill) and the players help decide which game to play. It’s reassuring to know that every deck plays the same games; now up to 15+ games each, so you won’t have to learn new directions with each deck. Speaking of games, for students who need more practice, suggest they switch to a different game—using the same deck. In a little more time, mastery will happen.
Research Based: We’re happy to report that research shows that allowing children to select the game empowers them and keeps them engaged—and learning.
Easy Start: Since most of the games are classics, you may already know the basic directions. You can play up to 15+ games with this deck including Go Fish, Memory, Crazy 8s, Bingo and more.

Ideal for 1-to-1, Groups & Classes.

This is a digital download PDF file.  Please be sure you are able to open this type of file before making this purchase.