Tiger Tuesday Organic Reading Program – Teacher’s Starter Kit A850t


A complete Researched Based Reading program using the Orton-Gillingham Approach and follows the nature of the child. Helps beginning and struggling readers succeed while integrating CASEL social & emotional learning – SEL. Includes TRAINING session. (Grades K-3+) No. A850t


Tiger Tuesday Organic Reading Program – Teacher’s Starter Kit


Tiger Tuesday Organic Reading Program

Following the Nature of the Child

 Teacher’s Starter Kit

Helps beginning, struggling and dyslexic readers succeed while integrating social & emotional learning – SEL.

A complete Researched Based Reading program using the Orton-Gillingham Approach and follows the nature of the child. Helps beginning and struggling readers succeed while integrating CASEL social & emotional learning – SEL. Includes a training session. (Grades K-3+)

If you’re a teacher or a tutor working with a beginning or struggling reader, and you’re concerned he or she may not be ready for that next grade, because they’re struggling with learning to read, then you’d be interested in the “Tiger Tuesday Organic Reading Program.”

Why organic?  Our program is unlike any other reading program because the child learns through play. Children learn when they’re engaged, and they’re most engaged when they’re having fun playing. Children are relaxed and happy which enables each child to  learn at their own pace, no matter the level, following their unique personality. The Tiger Tuesday Organic Reading Program is complete with reading, writing, games, plays and more which will allow you to find the activity that matches their unique learning style.

Strong Learning makes learning happen and here’s how:

Beginning and young struggling readers need to learn phonics. That takes practice. And you know, little ones don’t want to practice. But, they will practice if they’re having fun playing card and board games that they probably already know and love such as Go-Fish, Memory, Crazy Eights, Old Maid, War, Bingo, Lotto and more.  Then add short stories for decoding, vocabulary and comprehension, fun writing activities for spelling and sentence structure, and plays for fluency and focus, you’ve made learning to read even more fun and achievable. By switching games and activities it’s impossible for little ones to get bored or anxious, and they’re practicing reading the entire time!

Beginning and young struggling readers:

  1. Learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet in both upper and lower case, and to write the letters sequentially. Consonant Sounds helps beginning readers (and readers who are struggling) to learn the beginning consonant sounds, including blends and digraphs, and ending consonant sounds. This is accomplished through song, games and writing activities.
  2. Learn to decode words with the following word patterns: CVC, VCE, Vowel Digraphs, R-Controlled and Diphthong
  3. Stay motivated because they’re playing games, performing in plays, reading short stories about familiar characters they can relate to, and doing easy fun writing activities.
  4. Become more confident and more relaxed because reading isn’t only associated with reading books and doing worksheets online or at a desk.
  5. Grow emotionally and socially because every story, play, activity and game promotes one or more of the following: self-awareness, self-control, social awareness, decision making skills and how to deal with interpersonal relationships.

The “Tiger Tuesday Organic Reading Program” Includes:

The Tale of Tiger Tuesday Book this is the story that started it all and recipient of the Gold Mom’s Choice Award.

7 Complete FunBooks, beginning with the Alphabet and Consonants, followed by 5 FunBooks focused on beginning reading skills with stories, writing activities and plays providing 49 different activities all designed to teach the fundamentals of reading.

  1. Alphabet learn to recognize the letters and to write them sequentially.
  2. Consonants learn the beginning consonant sounds, including blends and digraphs, and ending consonant sounds.
  3. CVC (Consonant Vowel Consonant) patterns. Ex. cap, pen, six, hot.
  4. VCE (Vowel Consonant Magic E) patterns. Ex. cape, Pete, kite, hope, cube.
  5. Vowel Digraph patterns Ex. pie, boat, toe, snow, blue.
  6. R-Controlled Vowel Ex. car, fern, bird, corn.
  7. Diphthong patterns Ex. Boy, noise, found, dawn, out.

20 Different card decks corresponding to each of the 7 FunBooks so students can “practice” what they are learning by playing games such as Go-Fish, Memory, Crazy Eights and more (up to 15 different games with each deck).

Detailed Teachers Guide with answer keys that also includes a Phonics Assessment so there’s no guessing as to which level to start the student.  Also includes paper doll cut-outs that children love to use with the plays.

Bonus: Also comes with a one hour Professional Learning Session directly with Linda Silbert, Ph.D.  Dr. Silbert has worked with students for over 40 years and developed this program to help students learn based on his or her own needs and to help put them on the right path for reading success.

Each component in this kit is available individually as follows:

The Tale of Tiger Tuesday

Alphabet FunBook,     Consonants FunBook,     CVC FunBook ,  VCE FunBook ,   Vowel Digraphs FunBook,       R-Controlled Vowels FunBook,     Diphthongs FunBook

SuperDeck Card Games:    Rhyming for Readers,   Alphabet for Reading,   Beginning Consonant Sounds,   Consonant Blends & Digraphs,

Short Vowel CVC WordsShort Vowel 4 & 5 Letter Words,   Fluency Short Vowel CVC Words Fluency Short Vowel 4 & 5 Letter Words,

Long Vowel VCE Words,   CVC & VCE Suffixes,   Fluency Long Vowel VCE,   Fluency CVC & VCE SuffixesLong Vowel Digraph Words,

Fluency Long Vowel Digraph Words,   R-Controlled Vowel Words,   Fluency R-Controlled Vowel WordsDiphthong Pattern WordsFluency Diphthong Pattern Words

Double Sound Consonant Blend Endings,   Double Sound Consonant Blend Endings MP, SK, ST, ND & LF Fluency


Learn more about the Tiger Tuesday Reading program >>> HERE


What teachers and parents have to say about the

“Tiger Tuesday Organic Reading Program”

 “All went well with Catherine.  We did a story and the play along with 3-4 end of story activities and played go fish! She was having a great time!  We used the puppets too!  She did some different voices too with the characters!  It was so enjoyable! She was engaged the whole time. We had great conversations and laughed a lot!  She did a great job of sounding out the words and we went over certain words a few times along with going over any meanings she did not know. Thanks for the Tiger Tuesday Organic Reading Program, it works!”  — D. H, private tutor, NY

“All of our students and our teachers benefited tremendously from your program. Thank you.” — Sharon Healy, Head of School Farmington Valley Academy Montessori

“Finally, an engaging reading program that’s so much fun that kids are motivated to read.”Greg Chahalis, Reading Specialist, Westchester Co., NY

“I love playing Go Fish. I never understood what VCE meant before. Now I know, because when I have the word ‘hop’ it goes with ‘hope.’ VCE is so easy.” Amanda, 3rd grade

“I homeschool my kids and find it hard to motivate them. They love Tiger Tuesday, so learning to read is all smiles. Thank you.” Mom, Nassau County, NY

“What I love most about what I’ve seen so far is how excited my student is about the games. Your philosophy about students having fun while learning is a breath of fresh air. Teaching high standards while having fun is a wonderful combination. Always looking for a new approach that can do both.”Meredith Lippman, Reading Tutor

“My 7 year old daughter, Lila, is a struggling reader. She was just introduced to the Tiger Tuesday Reading Program. Lila was actively engaged in fun reading activities for an hour and forty-five minutes. I know that the Tiger Tuesday program will help my daughter develop a love for learning and reading.” Melissa Zaug, Speech Pathologist


Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Reading, Writing

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