All About Me

All About Me

Journals that develop the 5 social & emotional competencies K-5

Self-Awareness   Self-Management   Social-Awareness   Relationships  Decision-Making

These fun-filled, yet thought provoking journals appeal to children while motivating them to think about their thoughts and feelings, their families and their communities, as well as about social issues.
They provide learning experiences that children approach on their own level, in words and drawings, without the inhibiting effect of right or wrong answers. Each page poses a problem, asks a question or begins a revealing sentence to be completed by the child. Each child can experience a sense of personal achievement so important in developing positive social and emotional health.


Writing prompts on every page offer an opportunity for the classroom teacher to start a lesson and engage with the students. For example, here you may start with a discussion about zoos and what they think about them, suggest the students color every picture, circle the ones they would put in their zoo and ask for volunteers to share their choices.


Children are given an opportunity to discuss a concept, think about their own answers and then write and also draw about it. This helps to foster multisensory learning to engage each child in the way that suits them best and can enhance their learning experience.


Creativity helps to foster learning. Each journal offers a variety of creative thinking and expression opportunities for students.

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